UPPER PITTSGROVE TWP. – According to authorities, the desire to immediately cash winning lottery tickets allegedly taken by burglars when they entered into a home turned to be their bad luck.

The New Jersey State Police told that the detectives gave outstanding performance in catching the 2 suspects who were involved in the Salem County home burglary case. The video of the incident was recorded. They entered in the home through the door on Glassboro Road in Upper Pittsgrove Township. There were 2 dogs present in the home, but the suspects were fortunate that they were not stopped by them.

28-year-old Eric Gilch and 32-year-old Joshua Robinson both have been charged in relation to the burglary that happened on 12th of April.

Authorities told that when one of the suspects cashed in some of the stolen tickets worth a total of just $6 at a liquor store, only 45 minutes after the burglary, that assisted the detectives in taking them into custody.

It can be seen in the surveillance video that the suspects were searching valuable and precious things in the home. Other than the 10 New Jersey Lottery tickets, three of which were $2 winners, they took a lockbox of jewelry and some personal documents. Detectives succeeded in tracing the lottery tickets that were cashed in as they were the same ones stolen from the Upper Pittsgrove Township home.

The home owner came to know about the burglary through the remote surveillance system when he yelled at the burglars as they were stealing the valuable things from the home. The pair heard the voice and escaped.

Police told that it was Robinson who cashed in the lottery tickets at the store in Camden, which related him and Gilch to the home burglary.

While the state police were looking for Robinson in Camden for the arrest, they found Gilch walking in the area of Martin Luther King Boulevard and Broadway in the city.

He was taken into custody on outstanding warrants. Authorities later came to know that he had jewelry allegedly taken in burglaries that happened in Collingswood and Haddon Township. There was an inscribed heirloom wedding band present in the jewelry box that was returned to its owner.

Police later tracked down and took Robinson into custody.

Gilch and Robinson were both charged with burglary and theft in the case.

News Source: www.nj.com