New Jersey Traffic Ticket Surcharges

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If you are assigned points on your Driver License, you will have to pay point surcharges in addition to any court imposed fines and penalties.

Surcharges remain operational as long as a driver has six or more points on record resulting from violations posted in the preceding three years.

The point total is based on the date the violations are posted to your record, not the date when the violations occurred.

If the surcharge is not paid, the Division of Motor Vehicles will suspend all driving privileges indefinitely and take judgment action filed in the state Superior Court, which may include securing a lien against any real property that you own, a garnishment of your wages, or other similar actions.

Point surcharges:

$100 for six points, and $25 for each additional point

Additional surcharges:

$100 for driving while unlicensed
$250 for driving while suspended
$100 for failing to insure a MOPED
$250 for operating an uninsured vehicle

If you are an out of state driver, you are still subject to the surcharge. If you fail to pay, New Jersey will suspend your NJ driving privileges, and will then notify your home state of this suspension. Your home state will likely honor this suspension, and will suspend you in your state until you get a letter of clearance from NJ.

You are responsible for paying the surcharge even if you move out of NJ. The surcharge is imposed regardless of your current license, registration and/or insurance status.

If you are just getting notification for a surcharge imposed several years ago, even if you were unaware of the surcharge at the time you were convicted, you must still pay the surcharge now.

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