Are you anxious to get out of a speeding ticket? Few of us can afford a speeding ticket, much less the increase in insurance rates. While the police might not want you to believe it, it is possible to successfully contest a speeding ticket in NJ – even if you really were speeding.

Here are some suggestions for beating a speeding ticket:

Start by asking questions. When you are pulled over, ask the officer some questions to gain more information. You definitely don’t want to anger the police officer, but you can legitimately ask questions such as how fast did he or she record your speed, where was the officer positioned when he or she recorded the speed.

Resist the impulse to just pay the fine. Paying the fine is an admission of guilt. You can’t go back and change your mind – you’ll pay the fine and see increased insurance rates.

Contact a traffic court lawyer in NJ. Attorneys that have lengthy experience handling traffic violation cases have surprising insights in defending against traffic tickets. Contact an attorney to get their expertise as soon as possible.

Delay going to court.  Your attorney can help you delay the final court appearance. This works to your advantage from a couple of aspects: the longer the period of time between the ticket and the court proceedings, that greater the chance that specific points may escape the officer’s attention; or the officer may not show up at all for the court appearance, resulting in a dismissal.

Dress for success for court. Show up for court in your best business attire, a suit or something similar. You want to look presentable and have the court officers (prosecutor and judge) take you comments seriously.

Ask for the Radar Calibration Certificate. The officer’s radar device must be precisely calibrated, anywhere from every 30 days to 3 months. If the officer cannot present the certificate of calibration, it may justify a dismissal.

Contesting a speeding ticket in NJ isn’t always easy, but it’s certainly worth the time and effort. You can save yourself a great deal of money in fines and increased insurance, simply by taking the time to contest the ticket. Remember, your insurance rates will be affected for years to come. You could literally be saving thousands of dollars over time – all as a result of a simple speeding ticket. Get some expert advice to make sure your case stays on track and this will soon become a distant memory.