ORANGE, New Jersey – On Thursday night, the incident that left a toddler and his uncle dead made their friends and family sad.

The shooting started at about 3 p.m. on Cleveland Street between Alden and Washington streets.

Both died at the accident spot and the father of the toddler also suffered a gunshot wound. He is still in the hospital.

According to the cops, a vehicle fire three blocks away is linked to the case. An Audi was found on fire by the police.

The brother of the victim said that he is angry and sad because the cops, authorities, and the media are not making enough efforts to stop the incident. He added, “You all are always waiting for us to kill each other and you’re always sorry. Stop being sorry and do something.”

One of the friends of the victim said, “That’s my best friend, he will always be my best friend.”

People living in the area are depressed as they know that the gangs are powerful and have taken over.

Indihira Payano, a neighbor said, “I’m scared, yeah.”

Another neighbor said, “It’s crazy that the two-year-old got killed. That’s the only thing that really shocked me. A two-year-old gets killed, that’s crazy.”