This week, individuals living in and around New Jersey were charged with and convicted of a wide variety of crimes. Other incidents and crimes that happened are still under investigation by the authorities.

A man and a woman were charged on Tuesday for killing a Newark mother during a cell phone robbery.

One the same day afternoon, a man who escaped the incident spot after stabbing a woman in the neck during an argument at a Subway sandwich shop in Hamilton, called the police after sometime of the incident to surrender on the New Jersey Turnpike.

According to the authorities, a Paramus woman was charged for hitting and killing a pedestrian with her motor vehicle as she was driving under the influence of an intoxicant on Route 46. The incident happened on the same day sometime after the second incident.

Englewood police told that they were searching for a Teaneck woman accused of slashing a man across the face in Bergen County after a fight over a social media post.

2 alleged bank robbers, one in Hillsborough and the other in Egg Harbor Township, didn’t make it very far after the robbery.

According to a prosecutor, another man was convicted of robbing a bank and he told a teller he had a bomb.

A “shrimp thief” was also taken into custody by the authorities who, according to the police, swiped seafood worth more $600 from a South Jersey supermarket.

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