On Thursday, 49-year-old Michelle Lodzinski was sentenced to 30 years in jail who was convicted in the month of May for the murder of her 5-year-old son Timmy Wiltsey, which she did back in 1991.

She was suspected as the murderer of her son, but the detectives didn’t have solid proof to file charges against her.

Everything changed in 2014 as the investigators succeeded in establishing a link between the kid and the blanket which was found near his death spot. Lodzinski said that the blanket didn’t belong to her son, but it was confirmed by relatives that the blanket belonged to the little boy.

On 25th of May 1991, Lodzinski reported Timmy missing. According to her, her son disappeared while they were attending a carnival in Sayreville. She once told that her son disappeared when she left him to buy soda. She said multiple times that she was not involved in his death, but the investigators started suspecting her as the murderer when she gave confusing answers during interviews with law enforcement officials.

The search of many months couldn’t find the boy.

Almost a year after the boy was killed, his remains were found in a swampy creek in Edison, near the fulfillment center where Lodzinski was once employed.

After the death of her son, Lodzinski shifted to Minnesota and then to Florida. She moved to Port St. Lucie back in 2003.

The Middlesex County Prosecutor, Andrew Carey, said in a statement about the case, “Despite her efforts to conceal one of the most notorious crimes in the history of Middlesex County by killing her son, dumping his remains in a swamp, falsely claiming he was abducted by strangers, and spearheading a desperate search for a child she knew was already dead, Michelle Lodzinski was sentenced to the minimum sentence permitted under the law.”

The statement shows that the prosecutors had asked for a lifetime sentence.

Carey added in his statement that Lodzinski, who had pleaded not guilty, “showed no remorse for the death of her child and declined to address the court before the sentence was imposed.”

The sentence of 884 days was decreased by the judge as she spent that time already behind bars. She will be parole-eligible after serving 27 years and five months of spending time in prison.

Lodzinski was convicted by the jurors after 4 hours of deliberations, capping an 8-week trial.

Source: www.people.com