Most American residents believe that the police is enough for their protection, but only a few know that the low crime solve rate is alarming as it can be seen by the crime clearance index that almost 78.2% of New Jersey crimes are not solved.

New Jersey clearance statistics of the last 5 years show that the percentage of rape cases that are not solved is 68.6%. 86.2% of burglaries are not cleared and 42% of murders cases are not solved. The cases of cars that were stolen in the time period of 5 years are not solved yet and the percentage of unsolved robberies is 76.4%.

No one can say what is the reason of this high percentage of unsolved crime; it can be inadequate forensic procedures, loopholes in the law or witness resistance, but it seems that there is not just one reason.

There is a need of spending more time and money in providing the most advanced technology and developing good relations with the public to get their assistance in crime clearance which is the only way through which the crime solving rate all over the U.S. can be increased.

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