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New Jersey Criminal Laws

We have reproduced below an edited version of the most commonly applied criminal laws in the State of New Jersey. A more comprehensive list of criminal laws is available in the following PDF:
(Click Here to Download PDF)

For a complete recitation of New Jersey criminal laws including up to date amendments of those laws, please go to the New Jersey Legislative web site at:

2C:5-2. Conspiracy.

2C:5-4. Grading of Criminal Attempt and Conspiracy: Mitigation in Cases of Lesser Danger.

2C:5-5. Burglar’s Tools.

2C:11-2. Criminal Homicide.

2C:11-3. Murder.

2C:11-4. Manslaughter.

2C:11-5. Death by Auto or Vessel.

2C:11-5.1. Knowingly Leaving Scene of Motor Vehicle Accident Resulting in Death, Third Degree Crime; Sentencing.

2C:12-1. Assault.

2C:12-1.1. Knowingly Leaving Scene of Motor Vehicle Accident Resulting in Serious Bodily Injury, Fourth Degree Crime; Sentencing.

2C:12-2. Recklessly Endangering Another Person.

2C:12-3. Terroristic Threats.

2C:12-10. Stalking.

2C:12-13. Throwing Bodily Fluid at Certain Law Enforcement Officers Deemed Aggrivated Assault; Grading, Sentence.

2C:13-1. Kidnapping.

2C:13-2. Criminal Restraint.

2C:13-3. False Imprisonment.

2C:13-4. Interference with custody.

2C:13-5. Criminal Coercion.

2C:13-6. Luring, Enticing Child by Various Means, Attempts; Crime of Second Degree; Subsequent Offense, Mandatory Imprisonment.

2C:13-7. Luring, Enticing an Adult, Certain Circumstances, Third Degree Crime.

2C:13-8. Human Trafficking.

2C:14-1. Definitions.

2C:14-2. Sexual Assault.

2C:14-3. Criminal Sexual Contact.

2C:14-4. Lewdness.

2C:14-9. Invasion of Privacy, Degree of Crime, Defenses, Privileges.

2C:15-1.  Robbery.

2C:15-2. Carjacking.

2C:16-1.  Bias Intimidation.

2C:17-1.  Arson & Related Offenses.

2C:17-2. Causing or Risking Widespread Injury or Damage.

2C:17-3. Criminal mischief.

2C:17-3.1. Traffic sign, Signal Damage, Removal, Violation.

2C:17-6. Certain Alterations of Motor Vehicle Trademarks, Indentification Numbers, Prohibited.

2C:18-2. Burglary.

2C:18-3. Unlicensed entry of structures; defiant trespasser; peering into dwelling places; defenses.

2C:18-5. Riding on Lands; Damaging Property on Lands.

2C:18-6. Penalty.

2C:20-2. Consolidation of Theft OFfenses; Grading; Provisions Applicable to Theft Generally.

2C:20-2.1. Penalties for Motor Vehicle Theft or Unlawful Taking.

2C:20-2.2. Additional Fine for Auto Theft.

2C:20-3. Theft by Unlawful Taking or Disposition.

2C:20-4. Theft by Deception.

2C:20-5. Theft by Extortion.

2C:20-6. Theft or Property Lost, Mislaid, or Delivered by Mistake.

2C:20-7. Receiving Stolen Property.

2C:20-7.1. Fencing.

2C:20-8. Theft of Services.

2C:20-9. Theft by Failure to Make Required Disposition of Property Received.

2C:20-10. Unlawful Taking of Means of Conveyance.

2C:20-11. Shoplifting.

2C:20-23. Computer Theft Definitions.

2C:20-24. Valuation of Computer Property and Services.

2C:20-25. Elements of Computer Theft.

2C:21-1. Forgery and Related Offenses.

2C:21-2. Criminal Simulation.

2C:21-2.3. Simulating a Motor Vehicle Insurance Indentification Card.

2C:21-3. Frauds Relating to Public Records and Recordable Instruments.

2C:21-4. Falsifying or Tampering with Records.

2C:21-4.8. Motor Vehicle Yitle Offenses, Grading.

2C:21-5. Bad Checks.

2C:21-6. Credit Cards.

2C:21-17. Impersonation; theft of identity; crime.

2C:21-17.2. Use of personal indentifying information of another certain; second degree crime.

2C:21-21. Pirating Recordings.

2C:24-4. Endangering Welfare of Children.

2C:24-5. Willful Nonsupport.

2C:24-7. Endangering the Welfare of an Incompetent Person.

2C:24-9. Use of 17-Year-Old or Younger to Commit Criminal Offense; Crime.

2C:25-17. Prevention of Domestic Violence Act.

2C:25-18. Legislative Findings and Declaration.

2C:25-19. Definitions.

2C:28-1. Perjury.

2C:28-2. False Swearing.

2C:28-3. Unsworn Falsification to Authorities.

2C:28-4. False Reports to Law Enforcement Authorities.

2C:28-5. Tampering With Witnesses and Informants; Retaliation Against Them.

2C:28-8. Impersonating a Public Servant or Law Enforcement Officer.

2C:29-1. Obstructing Administration of Law or Other Governmental Function.

2C:29-2. Resisting Arrest; Eluding Officer.

2C:29-3. Hindering Apprehension or Prosecution.

2C:33-1. Riot; Failure to Disperse.

2C:33-2. Disorderly Conduct.

2C:33-2.1. WAndering, Remaining in or Prowling Public Places with Purpose of Obtaining or Selling Controlled Substances; Disorderly Persons Offense.

2C:33-3. False Public Alarms.

2C:33-4. Harassment.

2C:33-7. Obstructing Highways and Other Public Passages.

2C:33-12. Maintaining a Nuisance.

2C:33-12.1. Abating Nuisance.

2C:33-13. Smoking in Public.

2C:33-15. Possession or Consumption of Alcoholic Beverages by Persons Under Legal Ages; Penalty.

2C:33-16. Possession of Alcoholic Beverage on School Property a Disorderly Persons Offense.

2C:33-17. Offering Alcoholic Beverage to Under Age Person. Repealed.

2C:34-1. Prostitution and Related Offenses.

2C:34-1.1. Loitering for the Purpose of Engaging in Prostitution.

2C:34-2. Obscenity for Persons 18 Years of Age or Older.

2C:34-3. Obscenity for Persons Under 18.

2C:35-1. Short Title.

2C:35-1.1. Declaration of Policy and Legislative Findings.

2C:35-1.2. Reference to Code of Criminal Justice.

2C:35-2. Definitions.

2C:35-4. Maintaining or Operating a Controlled Dangerous Substance Production Facility.

2C:35-5. Manufacturing, Distributing or Dispensing.

2C:35-6. Employing a Juvenile in a Drug Distribution Scheme.

2C:35-7. Controlled Dangerous Substances Near or On School Property.

2C:35-7.1. Distributing, Dispensing or Possessing Within 500 Feet of Certain Public Property.

2C:35-8. Distribution to Persons Under Age 18; Enhanced Punishment.

2C:35-10. Possession, Use or Being Under the Influence, or Failure to Make Lawful Disposition.

2C:35-10.5. Prescription legend drugs.

2C:35-11. Imitation Controlled Dangerous Substances; Distribution; Possession, Manufacture, Etc.; Penalties.

2C:35-13. Obtaining by Fraud.

2C:35-14. Rehabilitation Program for Drug and Alcohol Dependent Persons; Criteria for Imposing Special Probation; Ineligible Offenders; Prosecutorial Objections; Mandatory Commitment to Residential Treatment Facilities; Presumption or Revocation; Brief Incarceration in Lieu of Permanent Revocation.

2C:35-16. Forfeiture or Postponement of Driving Privileges.

2C:35-24. Possession of Certain Prescription Drugs.

2C:36-1. Drug Paraphernalia, Defined; Determination.

2C:36-2. Use or Possession with Intent to Use, Disorderly Persons Offense.

2C:36-3. Distribute, Dispense or Possess with Intent to Distribute or Manufacture, Crime of Fourth Degree.

2C:36-4. Advertising to Promote Sale, Crime of Fourth Degree.

2C:36-5. Delivering Drug Paraphernalia to Person Under 18 Years of Age, Crime of Third Degree.

2C:36-6. Possession or Distribution of Hypodermic Syringe or Needle.

2C:36A-1. Conditional Discharge for Certain First Offenses; Expunging of Records.

2C:37-2. Promoting Gambling.

2C:37-7. Possession of a Gambling Device.

2C:39-1. Definitions.

2C:39-2. Presumptions.

2C:39-3. Prohibited Weapons and Devices.

2C:39-4. Possession of Weapons for Unlawful Purposes.

2C:39-4.1. Weapons; Controlled Dangerous Substances and other Offenses, Penalties.

2C:39-5. Unlawful Possession of Weapons.

2C:39-6. Exemptions.

2C:39-7. Certain Persons Not to Have Weapons.

2C:40-22. Penalty for causing death or injury while driving in violation of R.S.39:3-40 or unlicensed.

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