Several crimes were reported in New Jersey in the week 29 May to 4 June. Highlights of these crimes are given below:

For killing her boyfriend after an argument while playing a video game, a woman was charged. Another man was charged for throwing his baby due to which the baby girl died.

The 2 offenders stated above are among some of the individuals charged with, indicted for or convicted of a wide array of offenses that made news in New Jersey last week.

The 28-year-old Newark woman allegedly stabbed her 32-year-old boyfriend who died; the quarrel between both started while playing Xbox.

In another incident, grand jury sitting in Cumberland County sentenced a Millville man who allegedly killed his baby girl who was 11-weeks-old. He threw the baby on the couch due to which she rolled off the sofa and fell on the floor.

In an incident that happened in Salem County, a 24-year-old man is accused of using a hammer to kill a person who was sleeping.

In Jersey City, many offenders were taken into custody by the authorities for deadly offenses. In one incident, a 23-year-old woman bit, kicked and spit on the cops who stopped her for a suspected suspended registration and an active warrant. The city resident told the cops that she had no identification and that she was attempting to bring her child to the hospital because of “a fever”.

In a second incident, a security guard for the Newport Centre Mall handcuffed a girl to a mall stairwell banister for almost half an hour during which he abused her physically.

The most bizarre situation of the previous week involving cops, was of a 24-year-old man found reclining in a Wyckoff woman’s motor vehicle. While wearing her slippers, he told the owner of the motor vehicle that he was sent by God. He was taken into custody and charged with burglary of an automobile, giving false information to hinder his arrest, resisting arrest and theft.

A person was taken into custody along the shore in an incident from many incidents that happened last week. A 24-year-old Manchester woman has been charged in relation with 1 of 2 bomb threats made towards the Ocean County Mall in Toms River.

Another incident happened in Toms River, where a man and a woman were accused of taking copper wire from light poles in the area of Winding River Park. The worth of the wiring and fittings is almost $47,000. The pair was also charged with criminal mischief for causing about $63,000 in damage, according to the police.

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