LAKE WORTH, Fla. – On Friday, Florida Police identified the man who was found dead in a trash can on Wednesday in Lake Worth as 25-year-old Tyler Etue who was missing.

Reports showed that since 31st of July, Etue was missing and was in Florida making efforts to get rid of drug addiction in New Jersey. In the month of July, he was attending a detox program after a drug relapse and reports show that he had decided to go back to New Jersey before starting over in Florida.

Etue was last seen at the 500 block of Second Avenue near an alleyway and his dead body was found after that in a trashcan.

WPBF report showed that he was dropped off at Lake Worth Square, a place where he goes often, and after that he went missing.

In the month of May, Etue did an interview in Palm Beach County with WPTV in which he talked about the dangers and side effects of Flakka that is a drug similar to bath salts. He told in the interview that he had been clean for 40 days and said that Flakka nearly killed him, causing strokes and hallucinations.

When he reached high school, bipolar disorder started to rear its head and he got addicted to drugs.

His father, Jimmy Etue, told about his mental health struggle, “Overall he was still a good person. He had more than a drug issue”.

The reports also show that on Thursday, an autopsy was conducted by the medical examiner’s office and the reason of the death according to the authorities is murder.

His father said about him after his death, “He was probably the greatest kid you ever wanted to have to raise because he was so good-natured and kind. He was a treat to have as a kid”.

According to his friend, Tasha Leahnne, “He was the type of person who would give you the shirt off his back. He was tenderhearted and just a very giving person”.

A friend of Etue’s from Florida, Kendal Worroll, knew him as he struggled to get rid of drug addiction and she said, “Many people come down here for recovery — Lake Worth had a strong group of support. We try to build a community on continuously trying to support one another because it’s a much more difficult struggle than many can imagine”. She added, “He showed up daily, and the strongest decision he could have made was going back into treatment after his relapse. But it goes to show, someone can have everything going for them and still fall short because addiction is so powerful”.

On social media websites, Etue’s friends have showed their love for him through their posts.

The report by WPBF revealed that Etue and his girlfriend, Anna Anderson, were expecting a baby girl.

Etue spent a large part of his life with his grandmother.

The murder case is still under investigation.

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