Defining a Surgical Mistake

Surgical errors are mistakes done during a surgery procedure. They fall under medical malpractice and are errors that could have been prevented. Everyone knows that surgeries bring risks, but when this happens, the risks go way beyond the risks that people imagine them to be. Any medical mistake can leave a person with long-lasting injuries.

Percy Martinez Law Firm is aware of those risks. The litigators have had many encounters with people who have suffered a surgical mistake. A patient goes into surgery to fix whatever condition they may have and end up worse off than what they were before surgery. The firm has over two decades of experience and has profusely fought for medical malpractice victims over the many years.

What Causes Surgical Mistakes?

With every mistake that can occur in various different settings, there are many causes as to why they happened. The same applies with a surgical error. Here are some reasons why surgical mistakes can occur:

  • Inexperienced/Incompetent Surgeon
  • Surgical team not prepared
  • Communication error between the medical team and the surgeon
  • Use of drugs
  • Sleep deprivation
  • Taking shortcuts
  • Lack of necessary surgical equipment
  • And more

The use of drugs may come as a shock to many, but many surgeons do proceed with surgeries while intoxicated or on drugs. Their jobs are stressful and they do this to “escape”, even though they are risking the lives of their patients.

What are some examples of surgical mistakes?

Surgical mistakes can be fatal. They can leave a person impaired, the worse being dead. A surgeon cannot say “Everyone learns from their mistakes”, while this is true, at times, a mistake in their field will not bring a person back.

These are the recurrent mistakes that victims have gone to Percy Martinez Law firm for:

  • The surgeon operated on the wrong area
  • The patient’s file can get mixed with another, leading them to operate on the wrong patient
  • The surgeon leaves foreign objects inside of the patient that can lead to infection
  • The surgeon negligently cuts another organ
  • A nerve is damaged during the operation
  • Giving too little or too much anesthesia for the surgery

Percy Martinez’s Miami Medical Malpractice Lawyers

Surgical mistakes should not go unpunished, especially if the surgeon was negligent. Patients entrust their health to a physician and come out of an operation room with their lives changed for the worse. Medical malpractice cases involve many laws and procedures. The firm knows that and has used their experience and knowledge to win against medical facilities and medical professionals.

The chances of winning a case and significantly recovering much more compensation with a lawyer are greatly increased. These cases cannot be done alone, especially without any legal experience. The Miami personal injury legal practitioners want to seek full compensation for every one of their clients. Their proven record is what has made them one of the most talked about firm in Florida. Receive a free consultation today (305)529-0001.