ROXBURY, N.J. – Police said that a woman is part of a large crime ring that is breaking into motor vehicles in New Jersey, according to a report by CBS 2’s Christine Sloan.

The men in the ring break windows of cars at parks, stealing purses with checkbooks and driver’s licenses, said the police. They then give all the stolen items to women who try to resemble their victims and go to banks to cash out.

Police said that the criminals attempt to hit as many banks as they can within an hour of their thefts, before alerts can go out.

At TD Bank in Sayreville, the female suspect cashed in on $2,000.

The ring began its crime spree in South Jersey and recently made its way to other areas, according to the police.

Roxbury resident Alison Kohler said, “I think it’s the same person with a wig on. She has the same sweater, same mannerisms, and the hand held the same way on the wheel.”

“I think it’s horrible. Men, yeah, but not a woman,” said by a woman.

There were 2 break-ins at Horseshoe Lake in Roxbury and two more at a park in Mount Olive, in June.

Mount Olive resident Jack Harrington said, “This neighborhood is real quiet. We get visitors from all over the state”.

Not only are the suspects stealing purses, they’re also swiping license plates off the motor vehicles and placing them on the motor vehicles they’re using.

The suspects have stolen over $10,000, according to an estimate.

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