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Have You Been Charged With An Aggravated Assault?

Did you know there are several situations that can make NJ aggravated assault charges even more serious? Aggravated assault charges are already serious enough – you certainly don’t need the charges to worsen!

But if this does happen, you need the help of a Hopewell, NJ criminal lawyer who is experienced in fighting aggravated assault charges.

Some of the situations that can make your NJ aggravated assault charges worsen include committing simple assault on…

  • Law enforcement officers
  • Paid or volunteer firemen
  • Emergency first-aid or medical professionals
  • School board members, teachers, school administrators, or school bus drivers
  • Employees of the Division of Youth and Family Services
  • Judges of the Superior Court, Supreme Court, or Tax Court
  • Motorbus operators
  • Department of Corrections employees
  • Utility company employees

In order to have your charges increased, the prosecution must prove that these individuals were on duty or that you were aware of their employment status at the time of the purported assault.

Aggravated assault is serious! Let an NJ Aggravated Assault Lawyer experienced in such cases weaken the prosecution’s case.

You need to take special care when hiring a Hopewell, NJ criminal lawyer. After all, you need to make sure that person has experience defending aggravated assault charges as an NJ criminal lawyer.

Sam Sachs is just that lawyer! For an experienced defense, contact Attorney Sachs for a free consultation at (609) 448-2700 or

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