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Drug Offenses Are Serious! An NJ Criminal Lawyer Will Fight For Your Rights

If you have been accused of drug offenses, you need an NJ criminal lawyer with experience you can count on. After all, you can encounter serious repercussions after being found guilty of an NJ drug offense. This could mean fines, jail time, loss of wages, job loss and more.

The only way to avoid such repercussions is to hire an experienced Hightstown, NJ criminal lawyerto defend your case.

When you face drug offenses, hire an NJ criminal lawyer that will give you the attention you deserve. Attorney Sam Sachs focuses on the rights of his clients, all the while forcing the State to prove its case.

What will Attorney Sachs do for you?

  • Place doubt on the State’s case, which can get the charges reduced, or possibly even dropped
  • Plea bargain for results that are better than you may have hoped for
  • Provide the representation you deserve by focusing only on matters in Superior and Municipal Courts

Sam Sachs is a Hightstown, NJ criminal lawyer who covers ALL New Jersey criminal courts that leverages his years of experience as a public defender, prosecutor and former Municipal Court Judge of East Windsor Township to present the best possible defense for his clients. In the past, Sachs has been able to successfully minimize the consequences for many of his clients – he may be able to do the same for you.

If you’re facing drug offenses and need an experienced NJ criminal lawyer to defend you, call Sam Sachs at (609) 448-2700 or email him at You’ll get a free consultation along with his years of experience and skill to help you get the best possible outcome to your case.


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