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Do You Need An Experienced NJ Criminal Lawyer For Harassment Charges You Are Facing?

Hire A Ewing, NJ Criminal Lawyer With Experience Fighting Harassment Cases Facing harassment charges in NJ is certainly not something to take lightly. In fact, a conviction of harassment charges can lead to probation or even imprisonment. If you need help, you need to hire an NJ criminal lawyer for the harassment charges you face. You need an attorney with the knowledge and experience it takes to get the charges against you reduced, or possibly even dropped. There are many different types of harassment charges that a Ewing, NJ criminal lawyer can fight. According to New Jersey laws, those actions that fall under the harassment category include…

  • Anonymous communications at a time that is very inconvenient, that involves offensive language, or causes alarm or annoyance
  • Striking, showing, kicking, or otherwise offensively touching someone, or threatening to do so
  • Any other conduct that is meant to seriously annoy or alarm another person

Obviously, the person pressing charges must prove that the defendant engaged in these acts and intended to cause annoyance or alarm. With the help of a skilled Toms River, NJ criminal lawyer, this can become difficult for the prosecution to accomplish. However, without an experienced NJ criminal lawyer, the punishment for the harassment charges you face can be quite serious. If you are facing harassment charges in NJ, contact Sam Sachs at(609) 448-2700 or for a free consultation. Get trusted legal advice and dependable counsel.

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