Aggravated Assault: What To Expect

Did you know there are several situations that can make aggravated assault charges even more serious? Aggravated assault charges are already serious enough – but without proper counsel, things could get worse.

Our attorneys have decades of experience in these matters and have litigated in most of New Jersey’s courts. These insights make them especially adept at navigating the options in pursuit of a favorable outcome. At the very least, lessening the charges wherever possible.

Aggravated assault charges become more serious if the assault was committed on:

  • Law enforcement officers;
  • Paid or volunteer firemen;
  • Emergency first-aid or medical professionals;
  • School board members, teachers, school administrators, or school bus drivers;
  • Employees of the Division of Youth and Family Services;
  • Judges of the Superior Court, Supreme Court, or Tax Court;
  • Bus operators;
  • Department of Corrections employees;
  • Utility company employees;

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