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First Offender Programs

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First Offender Programs – Not All Cases Are Eligible

The New Jersey has a program for first offenders called Pre-Trial Intervention or PTI. In many cases a defendant who is in trouble for the first time may be admitted to the Pre-Trial Intervention Program. If the Pre-Trial Intervention Program is successfully completed, the charges against the defendant will be dismissed. The conditions of a Pre-Trial Intervention Agreement include a term of probation, sometimes counseling, community service, and most importantly not committing any additional offenses. To find out if you are eligible for Pre-Trial Intervention, please call our office so we can discuss your case.

New Jersey also has a program called Conditional Discharge for first time drug offenders who are having cases heard in a Municipal Court. First time offenders can be put on probation, and if successfully completed, the charges can be dismissed. It is also possible to avoid a loss of driving privilege. To find out if you are eligible for a Conditional Discharge, please call our office so we can discuss your case.

Again, first offender programs are not available for many types of offenses. If you want to know if your case might qualify for one of these programs, you must speak with an experienced attorney.