Facing Arson Charges? Here’s What to Expect

A conviction for arson in New Jersey brings with it a number of possible punishments, each of which depends upon the degree of the conviction. Jail time is a very real possibility but the term of the sentence ranges in length.

An experienced criminal defense attorney is the only thing standing between you and a lengthy prison sentence.

Note the differences in the severity of punishment between each degree of arson:

  • A fourth degree arson conviction cannot result in more than 18 months of imprisonment;
  • A third degree arson conviction results in anywhere from three to five years of imprisonment;
  • A second degree arson conviction results in anywhere from five to ten years of imprisonment;
  • A first degree arson conviction results in anywhere from ten to twenty years of imprisonment;

Leveraging years of experience as a public defender, prosecutor and Municipal Court Judge, Sam Sachs and his team will fight to get your charges reduced or possibly even dropped. With the severity of arson charges, even getting them reduced from a higher degree can have a significant impact on the outcome of your case and the potential jail time you could be facing.

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