Facing Harassment Charges? Here’s What to Expect

If you’re facing harassment charges in NJ, it’s a serious matter. In fact, a conviction of harassment charges can lead to probation or even imprisonment.

To protect yourself, you’ll want to speak with an experienced attorney as soon as possible. An experience attorney will help examine the merits of the case and will counsel you on your options. The goal is to get the charges against you reduced, or possibly even dropped.

According to New Jersey laws, those actions that fall under the harassment category include:

  • Anonymous communications at a time that is very inconvenient, that involves offensive language, or causes alarm or annoyance;
  • Striking, showing, kicking, or otherwise offensively touching someone, or threatening to do so;
  • Any other conduct that is meant to seriously annoy or alarm another person;

Obviously, the burden of proof rest on the accuser and evidence must be presented that these acts intended to cause annoyance or alarm. An experienced criminal defense attorney can help. If you are facing harassment charges in New Jersey, contact the Law Offices of Samuel L Sachs ESQ LLC at sam@samuelsachs.wpengine.com/criminal-defense for a free consultation.