An NJ Criminal Lawyer Can Provide The Defense You Need Sam Sachs Offers An Experienced Defense Hire A NJ Criminal Defence Attorney WHo Can Represent You In Any NJ Court Including Robbinsville, A NJ Criminal Lawyer You Can Depend Upon. Domestic violence in NJ is a very serious issue! If you have been accused of domestic violence, you need a Robbinsville, NJ criminal lawyer to fight for your rights. When searching for an attorney who can represent you in any NJ court including Robbinsville, you need an attorney experienced in dealing with cases of domestic violence in NJ. With such experience, you can be more certain to get the best representation possible. When charged with domestic violence, you need an NJ criminal lawyer you can count on. Sam Sachs is that attorney — and will put his years of experience as a criminal defense lawyer, prosecutor and municipal court judge on your side.

  • Sachs offers years of legal experience, including defending domestic violence cases
  • Sachs has recognized achievements in criminal law, having been named Municipal Court Attorney for 2007-2008
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By taking advantage of Sachs? free initial consultation, you can determine if he is the right domestic violence NJ criminal lawyer for you. This will enable you to get a better idea of what you can expect from your case — and how he can help. To take advantage of the free consultation and learn more about what Sam Sachs can do for you, contact him at[number type=”1″] or