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Nineteen Members Of The Lucchese Crime Family Indicted Wednesday In Large-Scale Mob Murder Bust

Federal indictment from the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York showed that 19 members of the Lucchese crime family were indicted on Wednesday. They will face charges for multiple crimes.

51-year-old Brian Vaughan, 65-year-old Carmine Garcia, 81-year-old Matthew Madonna and 81-year-old Joseph DiNapoli are the 4 individuals who were included in the group of people indicted as a result of the New Jersey ties.

Most of the Lucchese members who were taken into custody had weird nicknames like “Paulie Roast Beef” for Paul and “Jimmy the Jew” for James. They were all considered soldiers of the family as they worked hard for the family.

According to law enforcement officials, crimes committed by the Luchese family starting in the year 2000 and ending in the month of May 2017 are covered in the indictment. Most of the members indicted had committed crimes as part of the mafia since the past many years. They had ties with the Luchese family for decades.

New Jersey attorney general’s office told that Madonna and DiNapoli were indicted back in 2010 for racketeering. They both were sentenced to serve jail time after they pleaded guilty to charges from “Operation Heat.”

On Wednesday, 15 of the defendants charged were arrested and a few other members of the family, who were taken into custody, were also implicated in the November 2013 killing of notorious mob hitman Michael Meldish.

The police found Meldish dead in a vehicle near Baisley and Ellsworth avenues. It is stated in the indictment that Madonna, Crea Sr., Steven Crea Jr. and Christopher Londonio and Terrence Caldwell were all included in the murder plan. It is also claimed that members of the Lucchese family were involved in the murder of Bonanno crime family members that happened back in the years 2012 and 2013.

On Wednesday, all the members taken into custody were summoned to White Plains federal court and the hearing will be in front of the U.S. Magistrate Judge Judith C. McCarthy. The case is given to United States District Judge Cathy Seibel to handle and a conference will be held by him on Thursday at 2 p.m.

Acting U.S. Attorney, Joon H. Kim, said, “As today’s charges demonstrate, La Cosa Nostra remains alive and active in New York City, but so does our commitment to eradicate the mob’s parasitic presence. We have charged 19 members and associates of the Luchese Crime Family, including its entire administration – the street boss, underboss and consigliere – with serious racketeering offenses. The defendants allegedly used violence and threats of violence, as the mob always has, to make illegal money, to enforce discipline in the ranks, and to silence witnesses. The mob members and associates charged today will answer for their alleged misdeeds in a court of law.”

The crime history of Madonna started in the 50’s. He was involved in the plan to import and distribute heroin with the infamous Harlem drug lord, Nicky Barnes, in the 70’s. They were acting on a plan that included Madonna parking a vehicle full of heroin in a Manhattan parking lot and Barnes picking it up. After selling the drug, he used to park the vehicle back from where Madonna used to get it again to fill it with the drug. They worked upon the plan until Madonna was taken into custody back in 1975 and he is serving jail time.

Here are the names of the Luchese family members indicted on Wednesday:

  • 81-year-old Matthew Madonna (serving jail time)
  • 96-year-old Steven called as “Wonder Boy” Crea Sr.
  • 81-year-old Joseph DiNapoli
  • 45-year-old Steven Crea Jr
  • 83-year-old Dominic known with the name of “Dom” Truscello
  • 57-year-old John with the nickname of “Big John” Castelucci
  • 56-year-old Tindaro called as “Tino” Corso
  • 56-year-old Joseph Venice
  • 69-year-old James with the nickname “Jimmy the Jew” Maffucci
  • 66-year-old Joseph called as “Big Joe,” “Joey Glasses” Datello
  • 43-year-old Christopher Londonio
  • 38-year-old Paul known as “Paulie Roast Beef” Cassano
  • 59-year-old Terrence called as “T” Caldwell (serving jail time)
  • 33-year-old Vincent Bruno (serving jail time)
  • 51-year-old Brian Vaughan
  • 65-year-old Carmine with the nickname “Spanish Carmine” Garcia
  • 63-year-old Richard O’Connor
  • 60-year-old Robert Camilli
  • 42-year-old John Incatasciato

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NJ’s 100 Safest Towns In 2017: Is Your Community On The List?

There are people who may want to know what factors are considered to add a town in the list of safe towns by the security industry advisor and it is possible that their views are different from those who think they know what makes a town safe.

Some people may be surprised to know what makes a town safe, according to the security industry advisor.

100 towns are listed by Safewise, which are considered as “shining examples of New Jersey’s commitment to safe streets for all citizens.”

From November 2016 till now, the number of offenders taken into custody is 150 and the credit goes to the statewide Violent Crime Initiative.

“The program was so successful that Attorney General Christopher Porrino recently announced another new directive designed to thwart victim and witness intimidation.”

When it comes to property related crimes, New Jersey is on the third-lowest position, below the national average for property crime.

In the report, 84% towns have reported less than 25 burglaries and the number of property related crimes in 36 towns is less than 100.

In 88% towns, the total number of violent crimes is less than 10 as the number of violent crimes is not common in safe towns. The number of murders in 92% towns is zero and the number of crimes linked to robbery is less than 5.

According to an estimate, the possibility of becoming a victim of violent crimes in the towns listed as safe is one in thousand.

Here is the list of towns with low crime rate with the top 15 town details.

  1. Washington Township: Morris County
  • Violent Crime per 1,000: 0.11
  • Property Crime per 1,000: 1.76
  1. River Vale Township
  • Violent Crime per 1,000: 0.00
  • Property Crime per 1,000: 2.48
  1. Bernards Township
  • Violent Crime per 1,000: 0.11
  • Property Crime per 1,000: 3.27
  1. Kinnelon
  • Violent Crime per 1,000: 0.10
  • Property Crime per 1,000: 3.36
  1. Clinton Township
  • Violent Crime per 1,000: 0.31
  • Property Crime per 1,000: 3.21
  1. Hillsdale
  • Violent Crime per 1,000: 0.10
  • Property Crime per 1,000: 3.52
  1. Chatham Township
  • Violent Crime per 1,000: 0.09
  • Property Crime per 1,000: 3.75
  1. Colts Neck Township
  • Violent Crime per 1,000: 0.20
  • Property Crime per 1,000: 3.68
  1. Warren Township
  • Violent Crime per 1,000: 0.19
  • Property Crime per 1,000: 3.73
  1. Monroe Township, Middlesex County
  • Violent Crime per 1,000: 0.07
  • Property Crime per 1,000: 3.85
  1. Sparta Township
  • Violent Crime per 1,000: 0.26
  • Property Crime per 1,000: 3.85
  1. Ridgefield
  • Violent Crime per 1,000: 0.26
  • Property Crime per 1,000: 3.88
  1. Woolwich Township
  • Violent Crime per 1,000: 0.41
  • Property Crime per 1,000: 3.78
  1. Mahwah
  • Violent Crime per 1,000: 0.19
  • Property Crime per 1,000: 4.10
  1. New Milford
  • Violent Crime per 1,000: 0.18
  • Property Crime per 1,000: 4.12
  1. Berkeley Heights
  2. Madison
  3. New Providence
  4. Wyckoff
  5. Bergenfield
  6. Ringwood
  7. Randolph Township
  8. Branchburg Township
  9. Dumont
  10. Raritan Township
  11. Franklin Lakes
  12. Glen Rock
  13. Oakland
  14. Waterford Township
  15. Palisades Park
  16. Denville Township
  17. Hasbrouck Heights
  18. Hillsborough
  19. Morris Township
  20. Hopatcong
  21. Plainsboro
  22. River Edge
  23. Hopewell Township
  24. Tenafly
  25. Marlboro
  26. Fort Lee
  27. Florence Township
  28. Jefferson
  29. Verona
  30. Wanaque
  31. Westwood
  32. Cranford
  33. Lincoln Park
  34. Readington Township
  35. Florham Park
  36. Hawthorne
  37. West Caldwell
  38. Hammonton
  39. Mount Olive
  40. Montville
  41. Manalapan
  42. Medford
  43. Middletown
  44. Parsippany-Troy Hills
  45. Pequannock
  46. Summit
  47. Barnegat
  48. Ridgewood
  49. Manchester
  50. Stafford Township
  51. Scotch Plains
  52. Holmdel
  53. Roselle Park
  54. Westfield
  55. Jackson Township
  56. Cliffside Park
  57. Cedar Grove
  58. Princeton
  59. West Milford
  60. East Greenwich Township
  61. Robbinsville
  62. Ramsey
  63. Middlesex Boro
  64. East Windsor
  65. Little Ferry
  66. Bordentown Township
  67. Bridgewater
  68. Nutley
  69. South Brunswick
  70. Piscataway
  71. Clark
  72. Fairview
  73. Highland Park
  74. Howell
  75. Springfield
  76. Livingston
  77. Sayreville
  78. Harrison
  79. South River
  80. Aberdeen
  81. Wall Township
  82. Pompton Lakes
  83. Roxbury Township
  84. Point Pleasant

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Crime Decreasing In New Jersey Says Annual Public Safety Report

The state’s overall crime rate reduced by 5% in one year starting from 2014 to 2015, as shown by the New Jersey Department of Public Safety’s latest Uniform Crime Report, which is an annual review of crime statistics.

Crimes committed during the time period from 1st of January 2015 to 31st of December 2015 were measured by the State Police Uniform Crime Reporting Unit.

The main report included the following 7 crime categories:

  • Murder
  • Rape
  • Robbery
  • Aggravated assault
  • Larceny
  • Motor vehicle theft
  • Burglary

For other crimes, including carjacking and domestic violence, a separate report was prepared.

The rate of violent crimes reduced 1% to 22,899, whereas the previous report showed number of violent crimes at 23,004. The crime of robbery reduced 7%. The crime of murder increased 4% and in rape crime showed an increase of 43%.

According to New Jersey Attorney General Christopher S. Porrino, “While the latest crime data shows a decrease in the overall crime rate in New Jersey, there is still considerable room for improvement. Reducing the number of shootings and murders in our urban areas continues to be a priority for the Attorney General’s Office and the New Jersey State Police. The State Police will continue to support our cities in reducing senseless shootings and murders.”

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Sex Offender Accused Of Assaulting Girl In Westville, New Jersey

WESTVILLE, N.J. – A convicted sex offender, 42-year-old Gabriel Torres and his girlfriend, 51-year-old Mary Giannone, are involved in committing a heinous crime against a child in Gloucester County, New Jersey.

The crime was committed between the time period of October 2015 and December 2016 on the dead-end street off Route 47 in the Westville section of Deptford Township. The victim was a 13-year-old girl for which the man was charged with aggravated sexual assault and the woman was charged with sexual assault and endangering the welfare of a child.

It was written in the court documents that whips and a necktie were utilized as sexual punishment, and the girl was pushed to play spin the bottle.

Robin Hardy of Westville said about the crime, “That’s horrible. I couldn’t imagine any kid going through that. It’s terrible because I have kids of my own I tried to keep them away from anything like that.”

Another person named Dawn Smith of Westville, who lives near the place where the crime occurred, said, “I wish I knew, I could have helped her, you know? Like that’s crazy that it’s so close to home. I don’t like that at all.”

Back in 2010, Torres was registered as a sex offender in the state of North Carolina for child pornography. He is spending life in Westville now where he is not registered as a sex offender.

Mary Giannone was employed as a medical assistant in Advocare Marlton Pediatrics on Route 73. The person owning Advocare told Action News that Giannone was fired in the month of February for reasons that were not linked to the case.

The team of Action News went to the couple’s home, but they were told to go away.

The couple was locked up in Salem County Jail until their detention hearing that was set for Wednesday.

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73-Year-Old Henderson Man Gets Prison For Plotting To Kill Crime Rival

NEWARK, N.J. – 73-year-old Charles Stango, who is a member of the New Jersey crime family and a suspect of the creator of model for HBO’s “The Sopranos,” is in prison for making a plan for murdering an organized crime rival.

He pleaded no contest in the month of December for using a telephone to make the murder plan, but the plan was not followed.

On Tuesday, he was sentenced to spend a decade in prison.

Back in 2015, he was taken into custody along with other members of the DeCavalcante crime family and they were charged for multiple offenses.

He also admitted violating the terms of his parole linked to a New York racketeering case.

6 members of the family, including his son, have pleaded guilty to multiple charges.

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Mother And 6-Year-Old Son Stabbed To Death Inside New Jersey Apartment

On Thursday, Sasikala Narra and her child named Hanish were found dead by her husband as they were stabbed several times in their southern New Jersey apartment.

According to the authorities, the incident was a hate crime as the family was targeted due to their Indian heritage.

The neighbors told that the husband kept screaming, “My wife is gone, my wife is gone.”

A family friend told that the couple settled in Philadelphia suburb almost a decade ago and both were software engineers. He also told that when the husband came home, there was no one at home. “When he opened the house he couldn’t find his wife and son, and he called Hanish, his son. When he went to open the bedroom, he found those people, like dead and blood everywhere.”

Another neighbor named Michael Lewis said he doesn’t want to live there anymore. He added, “I want to get out of here.”

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New Jersey Week In Crime – 10 March

According to the authorities, the mayor of Paterson and 3 of his public works supervisors were indicted on old school public corruption charge.

A motorist was riding while intoxicated and caused an accident, which left a 34-year-old woman dead who was waiting at a bus stop in Verona.

The 4 individuals involved in 2 different cases are a group of individuals who were either charged with, convicted of, or sentenced for committing different crimes.

  •  A 25-year-old Franklin Township man attacked an individual at a South Brunswick motel. The victim succeeded in contacting his relative using FaceTime app which helped the cops in taking the suspect into custody.
  • Paterson Mayor Jose and 3 others were indicted on public corruption charges as the state Attorney General told that he treated employees like his personal employees and he used the money as his own.
  • A 36-year-old former youth football coach was charged for sexually assaulting 4 minors. He was involved in harassing them for many years and he assaulted each one many times.
  • According to the authorities, a 25-year-old Belleville man hit and killed a 34-year-old pregnant woman while driving impaired. He also left her brother with serious injuries.
  • A 34-year-old South Jersey man was driving a golf cart while intoxicated. As he was driving through Key West, Fla. the golf cart overturned after he attempted to run over a rooster.
  • A Bergen County man was indicted along with his wife and son in a fraud case which involved defrauding 26 investors. 5 other individuals were also involved in the case.
  • A 41-year-old teacher who lives in Teaneck was taken into custody for inappropriately behaving with a 6-year-old girl. He is charged with assault by sexual contact and endangering the welfare of a child.
  • 4 Carteret men were charged with criminal mischief as they egged 70 vehicles in North Brunswick.

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New Cameras Placed Around Fairview, NJ, Helping Solve Crimes

FAIRVIEW, New Jersey – Cameras assist in coping with the increased crime rate in New Jersey, so they are installed in a lot of places and they are controlled remotely.

An attentive and focused police sergeant helps in catching the suspect by monitoring different places through these cameras. When the cop observes any suspicious activity, like an individual wandering around a vehicle, he sends the cops to investigate what’s wrong with the individual.

A camera made it possible to take a suspect into custody as he was attempting to steal expensive items from a vehicle that was not locked.

Chief Martin Khan, Fairview Police Department said, “He was working on the car, looking in, lifting door handles, so we called dispatch and we actually caught him while he was still on scene.”

There have been many similar crimes in New Jersey and surrounding areas, so cameras need to be installed to keep check on suspicious activities.

Authorities have advised individuals to check their car lock before leaving the vehicle.

He added, “A lot of times, believe it or not, you wouldn’t even know that your car was broken into because they might have only taken change, or an iPod in the glove box. You might not even notice it until a day or two later.”

The cops always remain alert to observe and stop any suspicious activity.

A camera assisted in taking a suspect into custody whose name was Frank Redwood. He was waiting for a perfect moment to steal valuables from a vehicle.

“You know it’s a crime of opportunity, unlocked doors, so you know we try to put messages out to the residents, like, Hey, lock your doors,” added Chief Khan.

19 cameras are already installed in the town of Fairview. They all are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Childhood Friends Accused In Death Of 19-Year-Old New Jersey Woman

On 2nd of December, 19-year-old Sarah Stern took the keys of her 1994 Oldsmobile Eighty-Eight Royale and left her New Jersey home at about 11:45 p.m. Her family was waiting for her return, but she never came back.

As the cops started searching for her, they found her vehicle on a bridge spanning the Shark River. The keys were present in their place, but she was not in the vehicle.

5 agencies tried to find her, but they didn’t succeed. A few days after she went missing, dozens of individuals joined a search party to find her, but all in vain. 2 childhood friends named Liam McAtasney and Preston Taylor were also in the search party; they were classmates as well.

They both are believed to be involved in the incident; police believe that they killed her. Police allege that McAtasney snatched her valuables and threw her off the bridge, Taylor assisted in disposing off the dead body.

She was the only child of her parents; Michael Stern was desperate to find her daughter.

Taylor was summoned to court on Tuesday where he confessed disposing off Stern’s dead body, according to the prosecutors.

The judge was told by Assistant Monmouth County Prosecutor Meghan Doyle that McAtasney was planning the murder for 6 months and Taylor was also included in the plan as he helped him hide the dead body. He also told that the teenager was killed almost a mile away from the bridge and was hidden in some bushes by the offenders.

Several hours after her killing, the offenders put her dead body in the front seat of her vehicle.

According to Doyle, Stern was killed about a mile away from the bridge and hidden in some bushes. McAtasney took the vehicle to the bridge by driving it and Taylor approached the scene after a few seconds. They disposed off the dead body together.

Both offenders are charged for their wrongdoing.

The charges of McAtasney included:

  • First-degree murder
  • Felony murder
  • Robbery
  • Disturbing human remains
  • Conspiring with another to disturb human remains
  • Hindering prosecution

The charges of Taylor included:

  • Disturbing human remains
  • Conspiring to disturb human remains
  • Hindering prosecution

The teen’s father said about the involvement of his daughter’s childhood friends, “Unfathomable. Deplorable. Disgusting.”

Both men are locked up in jail without bond.

They have not entered a plea and it’s not confirmed whether they have retained counsel or not.


New Jersey Week In Crime – 27 January

150 fugitives taken into custody and search for some most wanted offenders of New Jersey made to the news headline this week.

A 27-year-old individual was arrested as he was accused of killing 3 individuals from which 2 were kids.

Other than the arrests made last week, the cops found a huge amount of heroin, cocaine and seized 11 firearms.

The fugitives are from the group of individuals who were either charged with or sentenced for committing any crime in the past week.

  • A 22-year-old former high school substitute teacher was sentenced to 3 years in jail as she used to discuss about sex with her students. She was also involved in sex acts with some of them. After 12 months, she will be eligible for parole.
  • 4 cops were charged for sexually abusing individuals in the women’s prison. Another individual was sentenced to 3 years in jail after pleading guilty to the offense of sexual abuse.
  • A 40-year-old man sexually assaulted an elderly woman in a Woodbury apartment for which he was convicted.
  •  A 46-year-old man may be sentenced to 5 years in jail as he pleaded guilty to charges related to driving under the influence in an incident in which a motorcyclist was killed. The accident happened in December 2015.
  • A former emergency room doctor who worked in Montclair was sent to jail for 24 months for his crime of sexually abusing a woman who was under his care.
  • Authorities found a huge amount of marijuana and hashish in a home of the person who was assisting in running an indoor drug farm for which he was sent to jail for 10 years. The cops also found the amount of $20,700 in his home.
  • A 58-year-old man has been sentenced for fraud. He was working with the name of another dentist as he didn’t have a license. He was ordered to pay the amount of $1.1 million in fine for submitting false bills to Medicaid. Other than paying the huge amount in fine, he has agreed to a 50-year exclusion from participating in any federal health care programs.
  • According to the cops, a baby who was just a month old sustained a brain injury after being shaken by one of her parents. They both were charged with child neglect as they handled the infant improperly. The father was also charged with aggravated assault and endangering the welfare of a child.