NEWARK – On Wednesday, a federal grand jury indicated a Bronx man who was involved in a crime that spanned over three states and ended in an accident near George Washington Bridge.

According to the authorities, 33-year-old Luis Figueroa faces charges on six counts which involve sexual abuse, kidnapping, an attack on a federal employee and being in possession of a firearm as a convicted felon on 6th of June which was linked with the rampage.

According to the criminal complaint, Figueroa attacked his girlfriend in an apartment in Hazelton by hitting her with a loaded shotgun in the head and after hitting with the gun, he also punched her. Before the girlfriend could run away or escape, Figueroa beat the relatives of the girl also.

According to the authorities, Figueroa insisted his girlfriend into his SUV saying that he would kill both of them and fled on route 80 towards New Jersey. Figueroa insisted the woman to have sexual act during the drive, and after this at Kittatinny Point Visitors Center, he again sexually assaulted her.

According to the police, the girlfriend was badly injured while she still managed to drive away in the SUV and head towards the nearby post office when Figueroa left to dispose his shotgun. Slamming the man’s head into a door, Figueroa also attacked an individual in the U.S. National Park. The person he attacked was a Service worker at the rest area, and after this he also stole his minivan.

Before fleeing on Route 80, Figueroa told the worker, “If you want to live, you better give me your car keys right now”.

According to the authorities, Figueroa dumped the minivan of the employee at a Paterson used-car dealership on West Broadway before he sublet and went to Hosanna Motors on Totowa Avenue. Recently the owner of the car evicted it from the other lot.

According to prosecutors, on the Totowa Avenue dealership’s office, Figueroa poured gasoline and lit it on fire when an individual managed to get the gas can from him. After this, Figeuroa continued to the east when he stole another SUV from the lot.

According to the agency officials, the wild activity ended when Figueroa rammed two Port Authority police cars in a high-speed chase and then crashed into a wall in upper Manhattan.

The authorities made an effort to tackle Figeuroa and found a Machete in the SUV.

According to the authorities, Figueroa also faced criminal charges in Pennsylvania and Passaic County. He stayed at the hospital for some time.

According to law enforcement, the officers have described Figueroa as a career criminal; since 1997, he has had 39 arrests for different crimes.

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