NEWARK – On Saturday, Law enforcement officials told that 24 individuals were taken into custody in a 3-day operation that was focused on quality-of-life crimes and other crimes around the city.

It was confirmed in the statement released by the Public Safety Director, Anthony Ambrose, and Police Chief Darnell Henry that the struggle to catch the offenders concluded on Saturday in which areas of Orange Street to Springdale Avenue were targeted along with the North 5th to North 13th streets.

According to officials, the areas were selected by the cops on the basis of an analysis of complaints about quality-of-life and crime issues. The operation consisted of various steps including:

  • A roundup of individuals with outstanding warrants
  • Undercover officers seeking known gang members in the area
  • A combination of undercover officers and visible patrols to enforce quality-of-life crimes
  • Efforts to address traffic issues
  • Efforts to deter crime

Ambrose added, “I am keeping my promise to address crime and improve the quality of life in our neighborhood by making them safer. We are a city that identifies problems and takes corrective actions. We are helping to reduce the undesirable elements that have stigmatized Newark [for] too long.”

Police told that more individuals from the total number were taken into custody for drug dealing and possession of narcotics. The cops found 240 vials of cocaine, 188 packets of heroin, and $4,500 in seized cash.

100 traffic stops were made and 200 tickets were issued by the police.

In the recent weeks, City police have taken on a series of operations similar to this one in which they targeted the neighborhoods.

Ambrose further told that the focused enforcement efforts were in the 4th week and will continue around the city.

Residents are advised to report quality of life and crime complaints, so the issue can be resolved. Police said all anonymous Crime Stopper tips will be kept confidential and the individuals will be rewarded.